Consider your brand ambassadors as your number one salespeople, your elite support team, and your most loyal feedback givers.

This article describes how you set up the scoring system to flag your ambassadors, how you spot them in the member's tab, and how you get them into a segment to monitor their behaviour over time.

Set up your scoring system

How about if we give you a tool that lets you allocate points for certain activities in integrations, channels, flows, or whatever it is you want to measure? 😊

We separate between two parts.


The events scoring lets you assign a number of points for different interactions.

These events range between activities, messages, reactions to messages, or thread replies and can be set up without any limitation.

By adding event-based scoring, you can make sure that your members are being evaluated in the way you chose them to be evaluated. You're in control! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βœˆοΈ

Example: You have one slack channel called Product Board. Basically, a channel that you share with highly valuable members to gather feedback around a certain product or brand. Another channel is called Community Chat. It's clear that messages in the Product Board channel are of much higher business value than those in the Community Chat (Taken into consideration that chat rules are been followed)

<aside> πŸ’‘ When multiple conditions match an activity, it attributes the sum of points from each of the conditions into the total engagement. In the screenshot above, a message sent would score a total of 9 points (Any Activity 1 + Message in Any Channel 3 + Message in any channel 4) By being as granular as possible, you can easily avoid scoring multiple attributes.


Activity Stages

The naming, colour coding, and values of these badges are totally customizable and in your hands.

Once created, they will appear under each of your integrations in the Members section below, giving you a better understanding of their activity.

Spot your ambassadors in the member's tab

Save your ambassadors into a segment

Here's a quick video that shows you how to create segments

You want to know exactly how many members joined the segment, how many of them left, and eventually, also if they rejoined.

You don't have to wait any longer.πŸ’₯

Insights on segments are here and ready for you to explore.

Once you create a segment, you can always come back and see how the members in it behave. Following the layout of our main dashboard, you can track the segments' behaviour by simply choosing it in your list of segments.

πŸ’‘Example: You create a segment that includes the most active ambassadors. Now, this could become crucial when defining your community KPIs as these could eventually include the factor 'ambassador growth rate' or 'new ambassador count per quarter.

No more guessing and manual pulling and copy-pasting. Define the time you want to report on, and either export the data to a spreadsheet or use the segments' insight page to show off. 😁

If there is anything you would like to change or need help with, please contact your success manager, and in case you don't have one yet, please drop us an email at [email protected]